Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stevie's AbFab Fridays~ My Etsy Favorites

Number 6 on my list is: RetroGrandma!!!
Even though the items I marked as a favorite have long since been sold, she still has plenty I'd still like to purchase! I'm very nostalgic and I'm a child of the 70s, so a lot of what is in her shop gives me warm, happy feelings and memories!
I'd have to say with out a doubt, my favorite section in her shop is the Vintage Toys section! Most of these toys I had and played with as a little girl! The Little People bring back wonderful memories and I desperately want to purchase some of these for my own children to play with, like these:
Vintage 1970s Fisher Price Little People CASTLE
The Vintage Fisher Price Nursery Set COMPLETE with Little People baby

Vintage 1972 Fisher Price Family Camper

and the Vintage 1971 Fisher Price School House

Another on of my fondest memories, was spending time with my maternal Grandmother, Mimi!
I lost her to soon, at the tender age of 10. She instilled in me my love of reading. I still have a few of the Nancy Drew books she bought for me! So I love that RetroGrandma has taken these books and turned them into sweet little purses:
Retrograndma has many more wonderful vintage items her her shop, like Record Earring Holders and Vintage Housewares!!!

RetroGrandma~you're AbFab!!!

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Retro Grandma said...

Hi! I'm Retrograndma and just found myself featured in your blog! Thanks! You have a great blog!

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