Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stevie's AbFab Fridays~ My Etsy Favorites

A little late on this post but with no further ado, my number 9 is~StringofBlue!
Her modern handmade jewelry is not only a work of art, it's breathtakingly beautiful and truly one- of- a- kind! Incredibly unique, I was drawn her her jewelry because when I look at her pieces of work, I get a sense of other-worldliness, enchantment, magic, romance, beauty and a bit of funkiness!
With over 431 sales, make sure to check out her 21 pages of "Sold Items"!!!
She also has a sister Etsy shop~stringme, where she sells "assorted destash and sundry" ;)
I ABSOLUTELY Love everything in her shop, so to say here's a few of my favorites would be a lie lol...here's a preview of what you can expect to find in her shop:

Lotus Petal Apatite Bracelet
Me & My Charms Big Loops Necklace

Texture Pear Hooped Earrings:
Modern Fringe Silver Disk Necklace

StringofBlue~you're AbFab!!!


julie said...

wow! i feel so honored to have a mention in your wonderful blog...thanks so very much for the love :)

SugarLoveHoney said...

No problem!!! I ♥ your shop!!!

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