Friday, June 13, 2008

Stevie's AbFab Fridays~ My Etsy Favorites

My pick for Friday 13th~Abitabite

Home of The Prick Cushion As seen in PLAYGIRL Magazine!!!

I love these "prick cushions"! So fun,whimsical & a conversation starter to be sure ;)
There's a prick for everyone & there's even something specifically for the ladies!
Some sections in the shop include: Custom Handjobs, Minature Members, Girlie Bits, Horny Bits, Sign My Schlong & Naughty Pet Playthings!!!
Here are a few of my Favorite Pricks!
The Prick Cushion MATURE The Pale Whale UNCUT

That Time Of The Month - Uterus Prick Cushion

MATURE The Voodoo Dick - Pin that Prick personalized for your pleasure

The Prick Cushion MATURE Cheetah Cheetah

and...Signature Prick MATURE The Prick Cushion
Abitabite~you're AbFab!!!


Angie said...

Sweet it getting hot in here?!!

SugarLoveHoney said...

LOL ;)

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