Friday, August 8, 2008

Good Morning Ya'll!!!

Pot of Coffee is on...
...and as I promised today, I'll be bring back my AbFab Fridays but that will have to wait till after I get back from the gym! I wanted to say I'm So Excited, the 2008 Olympics start Today!!! My Favorite sport to watch with out a doubt is gymnastics, Gymnastics Rhythmic!!! I LOVE the awe inspiring way these girls move their bodies! The combination of dance (ballet), gymnastics and the use of an apparatus: the clubs, a ribbon, a rope, a hoop, and a ball.

If your not familiar with this sport you should first check out (by way of google or you tube) Alina Kabaeva of Russia , pictured above!!!
My favorite to watch this year is Anna Bessonova!!!
Here's a Beautiful Montage of Rhythmic Gymnastics~

I'm also Proud to say that my 19 mo old, Salem,

can start training for this sport at 2yo! From birth we noticed how amazingly flexible (just like her mom) she is and it also helps that she just happens to be half Russian ;)
The reason why I'm So Super Excited is that there just HAPPENS to be, a center for Rhythmic Gymnastics here in my home town of Plano!
TRGym or Texas Rhythmic Gymnastics club, which is lead by head coach and three times National Champion Tatiana Kartseva!!!
I can hardly wit till January ;)

Now on a second note, I have just completed 2 NEW items for my shop, Cravings Jars! I can not wait to share these sweet little creations with you but that will have to wait till I get back from the gym! just wanted to give a little bit of a preview of whats to come...I haven't put any new items in my shop for a long while!
I've been working away though!!! I have some Beautiful Vintage and Retro pillowcases dresses to come, along with mini beauty boxes, sweet little buckets that will come filled with items for a baby shower and a girl's birthday! I also have a new petite baby shower corsage/mum, done in soft yellow and green, more wedding items and these pretty little boxes that can be used to hold your wedding rings in on your wedding day!!!
I'm also in the process of getting a new banner for my shop, I applied for EWT~Etsy Wedding Team!!!
I'm so Excited!!! Now off to the gym... ;)

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