Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So with school getting ready to start next Monday, it's been very busy around here! I had tons of FUN school shopping with my teenage daughter, can you imagen!?!
We actually have a really good mother-daughter relationship! I'm so Thankful she's a great kid!!! We have our differences every now and then but for the most part, we're pretty close! It's my number one priority it me a loving, open, firm but fair parent. My children are my everything and my relationship with them takes precedences over any thing else in my Life =)
This is going to be an exciting year for her, she was hit by a car May 2007 and was unable to walk for 6 months. She had just registered to be on the Summer Swim Team and was unable to take part due to the accident! She had a second surgery this past April to remove the plate & 8 screws she had in her leg & knee. She got the ok from her Doctor to be on the Swim team this Summer and she'll be trying out for the Jr Varsity High School Swim Team!!! I'm Super Proud of my Girl!!!
Speaking of which, my youngest, Salem, had her first gymnastics class & loved it! She was a little shy at first but having mom & dad there, gave her the reassurance she needed.
My son, Titan, has his first class tomorrow =) I'm betting he's going to love it too!
I've added new items to my shop and am in the process of adding more!
I've joined a New Craft Group here in the Collin County area~ The DFW Craft Makers & Sellers Meetup Group through MeetUp.com; we have a Make n Take and a few Fall Bizarres coming up that I'm real excited about!
I've also signed up to do a couple of swaps, one with Etsy Texas Crafters and one with LolliShops!
I've never done a swap before, so I'm really excited to take part in these!!!
It's getting late, so I'm going to say bye for now but I have more things coming up & I'll post about those tomorrow!
Good Night & Sweet Dreams =)

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