Thursday, August 14, 2008

USA Gymnastics GOLD x2!!!

I just can't contain myself!!! Did you see what I saw tonight?!? USA Gold, Again!!! Both gymnast~Carly Patterson & NOW Nastia Liukin!!! Both hail from North Tx and went to the WOGA gym in Plano (Frisco) Tx! I'm in Plano and the WOGA gym is in walking distance from my home! For some time now I've wanted to enroll my 2 littlest ones in gymnastics! Though I'd prefer my 18 month old to be a Rhythmic Gymnast but I'd really be happy with either one! I feel they will be naturals at this sport; father is Russian and I use to teach Ballroom dancing! I hope this is a winning combination! Okay, I know I'm getting a little ahead of myself but....this is where dreams start!!!

Congratulations~Nastia Liukin =)
WOGA gym Plano, Tx

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