Tuesday, September 23, 2008

for~Carol Decker~

This was posted in the LolliShops Forums by my friend Mia Bella:

"Good Morning LolliGals!

I realize everyone is super busy w/family & work these days! I don't mean to pester or add to your possible hectic day. But, I wanted to share this true story w/all of you. It will tug on your Mommy heartstrings....we all have a Mom, are a Mom (even to the furry kind), a sister who is, a galpal who is, ect..... Please check out this blog:


It's a true story and for me it was and is heart wrenching. *The blog includes a Seattle TV news article also.*

I realize many tragic events/incidents have take place these last months and that many are hurting and suffering everywhere....I try to help where I can and share the abundance (of items) I have to help raise $ to ease a little suffering.

I donated several items to the auction (you'll see)...."it's the least I can do!". 100% of the $ goes straight to paying for her skyrocketing medical care & family needs. I simply couldn't stop thinking about her the day I read about her plight and donated four items that very day. With so many wonderful & thoughtful women here, I thought that perhaps you may want to help too after reading her story. This is the lovely lady who started the auction and who to contact if you'd like to contribute, she can be reached here: ~ ericathur4@yahoo.com ~ Tell her Mia Bella Collection sent you! :)"

I was so moved by this story, I wanted to not only blog about it but I will also be donating items to the auction! I Hope this Inspires other Hearts as well =)
(((((HUG A MOTHER)))))
Thank You So Much Mia Bella Collections for sharing this Truly Touching Story!!!
Carol and Scott Decker's Blog:

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