Friday, October 10, 2008

October 2008 Featured Etsy Blogger Is...

Baby Friendly Beads or bfbeads! Congratulations Gurl!!!
Jen makes OOAK handmade Breastfeeding Necklaces that are adjustable-length, one-piece cord- with no clasp, design so that the necklace doesn't break and scatter beads everywhere. These necklaces where designed out of Jen's need to give babies something to focus on and play with while nursing, so that the baby won't pull your hair or scratch your skin! You can also find Reminder Bracelets, Necklace / Bracelet Sets, Stuffy Puffy Necklaces, and Custom Birthstone Orders in Jen's shop!
bfbeads will be having a BOGO Sale On Oct. 24th and 25th!
Here are a few items from Jen's Etsy shop that I :
Aquamarine & Apricot BFB Nursing Necklace

White Goddess BFB Reminder Bracelet
Picture of how the Necklaces Work~
Be sure to check out her out~
Blog: mamasmagic.blogspot
Etsy Shop: bfbeads.etsy
2nd Etsy Shop: Mamas Magic Studio

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Leah said...

Gorgeous idea! I love that last photo!

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