Friday, April 23, 2010

Stevie's AbFab Fridays~My Etsy Favorites

La Camelot~Vintage Textile Jewelry Belle Epoque Victorian Noveau

My Favorite item from this shop are, the Custom Made La Camelot Bead Embroidered Fingerless Gloves Cuff on Vintage Lace Set of 2

I also love the the unique Vintage Style Cuffs. Like the ones pictured here:
Marie Antoinette Queen of France CUSTOM Embroidered Lace Cuffs Set of 2

You will also find Fashion Necklaces, Hair Jewelry/Headbands, Floral and Cameo Rings & much more. If you love all things Romantic, Victorian, French vintage, whimsical & opulent, I invite you to stop by this wonderful shop!

La Camelot~you're AbFab!!!


Adriana said...

wow these are so beautiful

Stevie Jean said...

Aren't they!
Thanks for the comment :)

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