Friday, May 7, 2010

Stevie's AbFab Fridays~My Etsy Favorites

We're going a little FUNKY this Friday~
I Love GOBBOLINO "the urban raving fairy"!
The first thing that caught my eye were the faux fur & fleece pirate hats. I could so see my self rocking this out on the slopes in Red River, NM come this Winter Vacation, like the one pictured here: JACK SPARROW PIRATE HAT

I also love the White American Indian Faux Fur and the Purple Faux Fur Pirate Hat!
Also on my Wish List, are the Wool Dreads. Me and my girlfriends love to play dress up & take lots of pictures, how FUN would these be?
The Brown Blonde Wool Lock Hairfall With Blonde Dreads are my favorite:

You'll also find these funky finds, in their shop: Big furry boot covers, beautiful hand customized fairy wings, clothing, big hair bows & animal hats.

GOBBOLINO~you're AbFab!!!


Sarah B. said...

Those dreads are fantastic!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Neat! The blonde dreads would be fun to wear! My kids might be frightened! LOL!


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